Drainage Systems

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Drainage Systems

Drainage Systems | Marietta Irrigation Inc. - Marietta, GA

Drainage systems are just as important as the systems you use to provide water throughout your landscape. A well designed system will prevent water from building up within certain areas of your landscape, which can do serious damage to your grass and other vegetation over time. While natural drainage is preferable, it is not always a realistic or affordable option.

Drainage systems provide many benefits for your residential or commercial landscape, including:

• Reducing erosion
• Preventing serious and costly foundation issues
• Reducing issues with standing water such as mosquitoes and other flying insects
• Eliminating the growth of mold, algae and other potentially troublesome growths
• Preventing damage to retaining walls and other landscape features

Drainage systems are specifically designed to meet the drainage needs of your landscape. Each component of your system needs to be placed and installed properly to ensure maximum efficiency. Putting together a proper drainage system starts with determining the path of drainage within your landscape. Drainage ditches and pipes are then installed to direct the flow of runoff and prevent water from building up in certain areas of your landscape.

Once a drainage system is installed, it is important to maintain your system. This includes regular inspection of your drainage areas to ensure that runoff is being directed where it should go. You should have your drainage system inspected at least once a year or following a severe storm that may have done some damage to your drainage system.

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