Landscape Lighting

Marietta Irrigation offers affordable landscape lighting and drainage and sprinkler system installations.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting | Marietta Irrigation Inc. - Marietta, GA

Landscape lighting is designed to add a special touch to your exterior spaces by highlighting your landscape and providing a safe, lighted pathway. There are many lighting options for your landscape, including lighting solutions that are subtle yet still effective and others that are more dramatic. We take several factors into consideration when we make lighting recommendations such as where your property is located, the size of your property, and how you use your outdoor space.

Popular landscape lighting choices include:

• Low-voltage lighting - This option uses less power as a cost effective lighting option that can still be visually effective by offering subtle illumination.
• Low-profile lighting - This option is designed to hide the physical lighting products within your landscape so that you get the light without clearing noticing the source of the light.

Professionally installed contemporary landscape lighting systems for your home or business are a smart investment for many reasons. Outdoor lighting can make a big difference on the overall appearance out of your exterior landscape. All lighting products we offer are designed to provide the proper amount of lighting for your outdoor environment once everything is properly installed.

Additional benefits of properly installed landscape lighting include:

• Security - Properly placed lighting can illuminate normally dark parts of your landscape for safety reasons.
• Personal safety - Outdoor lighting can make it safer for you, your guests or customers to walk around your property in the evening after the sun goes down for the day.
• Usability - Proper outdoor lighting throughout your landscape allows you to stay outside longer and entertain later into the evening. Businesses with later hours can still present a well-lit area for customers.
• Beauty - Outdoor lighting can enhance the beauty of your outdoor landscape by adding splashes of light to your trees, greenery, and other outdoor landscaping touches such as fountains and waterfalls.
• Economy - Lighting and irrigation selections from Rain Bird and Hunter are more energy efficient than ever. You can enjoy the many benefits of outdoor lighting for your landscape without worrying about excessive utility costs.

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